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Why do you need WordPress Support & Maintenance

Get Into AMC  – Annual Maintenance Contract, To Keep Worry At Bay

As a content management system tool, blog publishing platform, and a free and open-source CMS – WordPress has many takers across the globe. First Released in 2003, WordPress is one of the ‘user-friendly’ content management systems (CMS). It is available in the web world today.

Why do you need WordPress Support and Maintenance?

Most Businesses invest their time and money on developing WordPress multi-vendor sites/single service-based sites/blogs. However, due to business needs and other factors, most don’t care too much in ensuring the stability and performance of their website. They presume, website has been developed ‘well’ already and things would work really fine ‘on its own’, then after – without any web-assistance for their website.

Although, this is wrong. WordPress releases new versions, stable release upgrades, again and again. Security and support maintenance are very common. For Instance, websites are just like ‘House Apartments’ and demand time and attention from the owner. They regularly require maintenance work. Just think about a situation, where you visit your purchased apartment ‘once in a blue moon’. And get the sight of spiders, ants, creepy cockroaches, and other scary creatures, everywhere. Just think of cleaning up all the mess, then, it’s a time taking process.

Indeed! Your WordPress site can be like your APARTMENT, turning out to be a ‘safe haven’ for the Malicious code, Hackers scripts, Spammers, viruses and other disturbing stuff, when you start ignoring it, also not properly following the guidelines of updating for several reasons.

For the very explanation (in the view of correlation above), it is really important that you check your WordPress website on a regular/periodic basis. Getting into a Website Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) would be an extraordinary thought, in such a situation, for software program maintenance, program updates timely, data management and maintenance support on a fixed period basis. The website proprietors can keep stressed under control by signing an agreement and ensure dedicated guarantee support and service help from the AMC specialist organization.

What do you get with our Annual Maintenance Contract?

By getting into an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), the organization can stay assured that their website is always safe and secure, always. Rather than worrying over WordPress site security, maintenance and support, they can focus more on business development, client’s relationship, and other core organizations’ activities. Under the AMC, the specialist organization helps companies with the following for your WordPress website: (comprehensive, but not limited to)
Update WordPress Core files with new versions of files, as and when released
Help with off-site backup and storage of data
Website Backup, plugins updating, themes updating, files remove unused/unwanted themes, plugins
Optimize the website database, optimize code, repair, and clear old database tables, forms, etc.
Scan regularly and test for web/application vulnerabilities and malicious.
Do proper website security audits (performance check, virus removal, etc.)
Check and fix links (broken links, internal links, bad links)
Remove Spamming blog comments and maintain blog site error-free.
Code Review Important features/functionalities (test device compatibility, navigation, 404 error, and so on.)
Update sitemap etc.

Why you should hire Dharmishi Technologies for WordPress Support and Maintenance?

Dharmishi Technologies India has been helping online businesses with affordable and result oriented website maintenance services and has different AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) packages that suit the budget and preferences of companies. Dharmishi Technologies is an India based web design and branding agency, providing world-class digital solutions to businesses who want to grow online. Focusing on quality, we use our skills and the latest quality resources to help you meet your digital requirements. We believe in providing the best services that you and your business deserve. Using the latest technologies and powerful tools and streamlined processes, we Guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction.

In the last 8+ years, we have worked over 318 clients from over 18 different countries and completed more than 2200+ projects successfully. Though we are based in India, we have worked with many clients from countries like the United States, Canada, UK, South Africa, Australia, India, and more.

Dharmishi Technologies provides a wide range of digital services and solutions for small and large businesses to help them and grow their business in the online world. We provide services in these domains:

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