How to Install WordPress on your hosting?

In the third step of my Beginners Guide to Create a WordPress Website, I will tell you about installing WordPress on your brand new Bluehost hosting account with one click install. In this article, I am considering you have already purchased a domain name and a Bluehost hosting account. If not, read the previous articles in this series before reading further.

Continuing from the previous step, go to Bluehost website. Click on “Login” at the top and login to your account using your username/domain name and the password you just created. After login you go to the Bluehost Dashboard something like below. Bluehost has optimized their dashboard for easy WordPress usage. So you will see a very minimalist layout. You can see the complete cPanel by clicking on “Advanced”, but we will get to that in later articles. For now, we only need to install WordPress and that is very simple to do in Bluehost hosting.


Ignore all the other options for now, and to start installing WordPress to your website, click on “My Sites” from the left menu bar. You will see a “Create Site” button on the right. Click on it.


You will be asked to enter a name for your website and a tag line for your website in the next screen. The name can be the name of your business like “Dharmishi Technologies” and the tagline can be a a message or your Business’ tagline. Make sure that the tagline is not very long. Enter the details and click “Next”.


On the next screen, you will select your domain. You will see that your domain is selected by default and you may not need to change anything. You can switch it to your domain in case you see more options. Bluehost will recommend you to install some plugins under “Helpful Free Plugins”. You may or may not require these plugins, so uncheck them for now and Click the “Next” button. You can always install any plugin after installing WordPress on your website based on your requirements.


If everything was followed correctly, you will see the animation saying “Setting up WordPress”.


And in about 2-3 minutes, you will see this. If any error occurs in between the above and below screens, there must have been a mistake. Check everything by following the steps again and if still fails, write your query in the comments below and I will help you with that.


Here you will see your website URL, your admin login URL and your username and password. The domain name followed by /wp-admin is always the default admin login URL of any WordPress website.

You will also get these details in your email.

The username and password are automatically created and it is recommended that change your password when you login. Not because such a long password is not secure, but because it is not easy to remember. Go to Admin login URL and enter your username and password to login.


How Your Website Looks after Installing WordPress

Congratulations, you have successfully installed WordPress on your website. I will be digging into the WordPress admin dashboard in my next article. If you go to your website URL, you will see something like this. The “Coming Soon” page that you see is the default WordPress page created by Bluehost WordPress installer. This is created to make sure that your domain does not show an error while you are making your website.


In the next article, I will tell you everything about WordPress themes, plugins, how to install them, how to create pages and how to setup your complete website. All without writing a single line of code.

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