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An online presence is very important for any business

When we started Dharmishi, we knew that having a beautiful and interactive website is the most important part of our business. Whether you have a small or large business, an online presence has become a very important factor. Even if you do not sell anything or provide your services online, having a good website helps in developing a better impression on your customers.
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Our Website Design Services

At Dharmishi, Our dedicate team of Web Designers is commited to providing you complete solution through our world-class Website Designing services. Whether it be a single static website, a website design, a landing page, or any other website designing services, we have a solution for you.
Static Websites
Best fit for small businesses and start-ups, our static business websites are great to start with an online presence. Mostly comprising of pages limited to 5-10, these websites are static, responsive & easy to navigate.
Dynamic Websites
A dynamic website is a great and affordable way to start the online presence of you local business. Dynamic websites are great when you need to have more than 10 pages on your website that requires frequent updates.
Landing Page Design
With independent dedicated teams for each type of website service, we make sure you receive the best out of us. We design eye-catching landing pages that would force the visitors coming to your website to click on your links.
Website Redesign
A regular and effective review and redesign of your website not only changes the way your it looks, but it also makes sure it’s always up to date with the latest internet trends and changing technologies.
Website Maintenance
With a properly maintained website, comes more traffic which in turns leads to better conversion rate and increase in sales. To assist you in maintaining current information online, we offer several options for website maintenance.
Responsive Web Design
Our Responsive Web Design service will analyze your website and test it against Google Mobile-Friendly Test. Based on the analysis, we will send you a detailed quote for the work required to be done on the website.

Benefits of Hiring from Dharmishi

  • Get access to expert website design professionals with 10+ years experience.
  • Pre-installed infrastructure with unmatched facilities, along with an assurance that quality of our solutions remains unfazed by their affordability.
  • Highly collaborative teams to work with. They are highly responsive to situations that require them to be out of their comfort zones.
  • Freedom to dictate team structure and reporting procedures as per convenience.
  • Freedom to choose the project schedules and deadlines, along with an environment that fosters quality and accelerated project development.
  • The intellectual property protection procedures (NDA) appropriately in place with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I was extremely pleased with the service and personal interest that he put into my project developing my online eCommerce startup website. I was very impressed by his honesty and integrity by assisting me in finding the best alternatives that were cost-effective and least time consuming for my project.

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