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Frequently Asked Questions

Our main office where all the development work happens is located in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. It's well equiped with all the latest and modern tools and technologies.
Yes ofcourse, we are a certified company, registered by name ‘DHARMISHI TECHNOLOGIES’ in India.
Dharmishi Technologies is a web design & branding agency which was established in 2011 by Founders Mr. Ankit Gupta and Mr. Kushal Gupta. To know more, visit our about us page.
We follow the proven result driven working approach which make us capable to deliver your project on time and meeting your expectations.
We accept all international (out of India) payments through PayPal at paypal@dharmishi.com. We have easy Bank Transfer options for Indian customers.
The project commence with 50% advance, the rest half you have to pay on project completion. For more than $2500 project, we split it in 3 phases. Also we transfer the website/project to your server after full payment is made.
Never. We are expert and we solve the small changes very quickly. But if the changes are time consuming and additional, then only we take small charges for it. Also, if regular maintenance and updates is required, you can always hire us again.
We do not charge any hidden cost. We are completely transparent and inform you about all costs in advanced. But still if see any more work is required we first ask you and then apply if you grant only.
Yes. We are open to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement if required. We understand all professional rules & take care of it. It’s part of our professional relationship.
You’re free to terminate the project if your plan has cancelled. In such case, we will charge only what we have done by that time. The rest amount will be refunded or deposited for next project.

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