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Since the final stable version release on January 18, 2018, we have been trying to find some time for Bootstrap 4 migration of our website. The new framework came with a lot of new features which I will be discussing in this article. I will also discuss how I migrated the website to Bootstrap 4.

What’s new in Boostrap 4

This is not a tutorial article, so I will not be going very deep, but will be keeping it very simple. Since the announcement of Bootstrap 4 in late 2014, we have been waiting for it. Being one of the most widely used mobile-first responsive framework, and since it comes with so many ready to use features, it was an obvious choice when we made our website responsive. Bootstrap 4 comes with so many additional classes that your custom CSS gets minified to a whole new level.

I can say that because when I was reading the documentation of Bootstrap 4 after its final release, I could find almost every predefined classes for layouts, spacing, breakpoints and many other things, which till now, I had to write. And with the addition of flexbox support, it made using the grid system really easy.

Global Changes in Boostrap 4

The all new Bootstrap 4 has come with some global changes which are noteworthy. Some of them are:

  • Source CSS files are now built up on SASS instead of LESS
  • The primary unit is REM instead of PX.
  • Breakpoints for media queries are now switched to EMs from PXs
  • Global font size – which was a must do change, is now 16px.

Bootstrap 4 Migration

Though they have introduced many new classes, Bootstrap 4 migration is not really that difficult. A small guide on the official documentation of Bootstrap website would help you to easily do it. The most useful classes that I personally loved from Bootstrap 4 are the utility classes like border, border radius, display, padding, margin and more.

A thorough read on should make you ready to Bootstrap 4 migration of your website, but if you find any problems in doing that, hire us. Yes, since we like it so much, we are now using Bootstrap 4 as a standard, and even offering a free update to our regular clients. If you want to update your website from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4, drop us an email with your website address at and definitely we would love to help you.

If you are completely unaware of how to get a website started, read this helpful article to start now.

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