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Yes I need a website, but where do I start?

I need a website for my business, but where do I start?

Are you looking for an answer to above question? Are you one of the business owners those who do not have any idea about getting a website for your business? Well, you are one among many people like that who need a website, so nothing to worry. In the following article, I will guide you with everything you will be needing to start your business website.

Why do you really need a website?

You may think… “My business is too small, my target audience is just the local area, even my customers might not be using the internet… so why should I have a website?

Well, thats where the technical evolution has wronged you. More than 3 billion people use the internet today. Either on their computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phones. It does not matter if your target audience is the local area. The person sitting at the end of your street might be looking on the internet for something that you sell.

Here’s what you need

A domain name is the identity of your website address. It can be anything, but selecting the best name for your website needs some thought process. Having a domain name as the name of your business with a dot com extension is the best choice in most cases. But if your business name is too long, or complex, you might think of something simpler, an abbreviation, or a completely different name that your target audience can remember easily.

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How to start

Once you have purchased a domain, next you need is some space on the internet. This space is called Web Hosting. If you need hosting for single small website, any starting package would be enough for that. Or if you design with us, we have great website design packages that includes free hosting.

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The above two are the must have things to start a website. Next you need to figure out what you want to put on the website. A business website normally consist of a homepage with some introduction text, a slideshow, some features, etc, an about us page with detailed information about your business, a products & services page which features the products and services that you sell, an image gallery with some pictures and a contact us form with your business contact information.

A business logo is actually optional, but we consider that a basic need of a website. A good looking logo decides the color theme, overall look, layout, etc. of the website. Check our logo designing packages to get a great logo for your business.

Lastly, you will need a creative and efficient web designer in Kanpur to put up your website. He will present your content in a creative way and build the HTML pages from it. We at Dharmishi Technologies believe that every business deserves a great looking website. Only a good web designer will be able to provide you that.

The longer you wait to take action, the more you fall behind.

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