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Dharmishi Technologies have made quite an impression on our company!

Dharmishi Technologies have made quite an impression on our company! Their abilities as having given our various enterprises and clients an impressive new look, regarding our/their company's image, with Dharmishi's imaginative Logo Designs and Web Designs. Their ability to take direction through customer collaboration is unique to our ongoing relationship, although I am sure this is true with all of their customers! Their end product is fresh and exciting for the customer, their creativity is awe-inspiring and gives the client a new approach and fresh look to their business. Very few changes or tweaks are necessary for the finished product(s) Dharmishi Technologies produces. Dharmishi Technologies are fair in their business dealings with our company and we regard them, as very much a part of our corporate design team, regarding Logo Design, Website Design, e-book Design (Pull-Up Your Socks!) As well as, Portfolio Design for one of our Inventor's Product Designs/Patents, to be launched by January 2013. They have the qualities of an Excellent Designer that most Company Executives would love to have on their team. We are very PROUD of them and very proud to recommend them to anyone of over a hundred of our clients!
Sam Meekins
Sam Meekins
Natural Waters, Inc., USA
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