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Ankit always went that extra mile!

I am writing about my experience working with Dharmishi and my direct communications with Ankit Gupta. I was extremely pleased with the service and personal interest that he put into my project developing my online eCommerce startup website. I was very impressed by his honesty and integrity by assisting me in finding the best alternatives that were cost-effective and least time consuming for my project. Ankit always went that extra mile and took time out to research several options for me to choose from, especially finding alternatives that would best fit into my budget. All his responses were always prompt. He took the time to explain each phase in detail so I could understand every aspect of what he was going to implement along the way. If there was something I didn't understand, especially relating to technology, he would take the time to explain the issues and give me all the instructions one step at a time. The overall experience I had working with Ankit and his team proved to be very rewarding for my project. Additionally using his expertise and knowledge brought me quick results, and I was very pleased with all his work and his team's effort at complete customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend utilizing many of their services, due to their honesty, integrity, and expertise, and also that their prices are extremely reasonable. I plan on using more of their services in the future and look forward to our ongoing business relationship. Ankit has gone above and beyond the work of the project, always assuring me that if there were any issues I might not be familiar with, I do not hesitate to drop him a line and he would be happy to help. I plan on using their team for additional projects in the future and have complete trust in him and his team members' professionalism. My special thanks go out to Ankit and his team for their complete devotion to my project.
Nanette Scott
Nanette Scott
Gifts in Silence, USA
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