Simple Tips to Optimize Website Performance in 2020


Why do you need to optimize your website?

Have you ever noticed how much time it takes for your website to load! If your website is slow, visitors will turn away in seconds. They might even click the back button before your website loads. Optimize website performance and it will directly influence your rankings in search engines

Here, we are providing you some simple and quick tips on how you can optimize website performance and decrease page loading times. If you follow these techniques and best practices, your website will load much quicker than before.

  • Choosing the Right Hosting Plan
  • Fast WordPress Theme
  • Monitor Your Plugins
  • Empty Your Trash
  • Reduce Post Revisions, Drafts, Spam, Pingbacks, and Trackbacks
  • Optimize Website Images
  • Choose Your Advertisements Wisely
  • Consider Not Using Official Social Media Buttons & Widgets

How to check your website performance?

Before applying these techniques to your website. Firstly, check the speed of your website using a free performance service such as GTMetrixYSlow or Google PageSpeed Insights. These services will inform you of your page loading time and the overall file size of your page.

The longer you wait to take action, the more you fall behind.

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