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Guide to Create and Sell your eBook Effectively

A book isn’t enough. You need an eBook as well to increase readers’ count…

There are ‘N’ number of books launched per day. But what it is that makes the reader chose a particular book to read. Cover graphic, content, layout, design, colors, promotional media, advertisement, and others are the factors that affects your readers’ pick.

In this article, I will try to take you through each step of the process on how to create and effectively sell your eBook that will drive the reader towards it.

Create Engaging Content

Attracting the reader requires you to have engaging introduction followed by the content. The introduction to your eBook should both set the stage for the contents of your eBook and draw the reader in. Check out our Content Writing Services.

Proofread and Finalize

Once you have finalized the content of your eBook, it’s time to make it proofread and finalize it. You need to recheck the whole content – Check if there are any spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and rewrite it.

Make your Content Presentable

So, now when you’re ready with the final content it’s time to design your content. The content of your eBook should be designed to look professional and attractive. Depending upon your eBook concept you can also include minimal graphics as in today’s world visuals proof to attract more.

Design your Book Cover

What is the very first thing that attracts the reader to your book is its cover? Color, typeface, images and layout combine to give reader an impression of what a book is about. And they decide if they like it – in 10 seconds. Check out our Cover Graphics Service.

Design Landing Page

Once your Book cover and the content is ready next step to promote your book is getting a landing page for your Book. Landing page helps reader to know about your book and guide them towards the goal of book. Check out our Landing Pages Service.

Share and Promote

Posting on social media has become one of the most prominent way to promote anything now-a-days. You can get a Facebook page and share the details of your book there. With it you can also look for the blogs that are related to your book and post about your book there.

The longer you wait to take action, the more you fall behind.

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