Add Advanced functionality of your WordPress website through custom plugins

WordPress Plugins add more features and functionality to the WordPress site. Plugins are one of the coolest things that can ever happen to WordPress. Allowing you to achieve the desired outcomes by extending or modifying the functionality of your site, WordPress plugins hold the potential to enhance or even transform your entire online presence.


Custom WordPress Plugin Development Company in Kanpur

Dharmishi Technologies, a WordPress custom plugin module development company, encourages you to include additional functionality to your wordpress site. we can build it – giving you infinite potential to grow the advanced capibilties of your website. Although there are thousands of plugins in the WordPress Plugin repository to help you add the required feature or functionality to your site, they sometimes don't deliver exactly what you're expecting. In such a case, our Custom WordPress Plugin Development Services come to your rescue.

Plugin Customization
We develop high-scale customizable plugins and make sure your plugin doesn't accuire any malware vulnerbilties. We also provide proper documentation for guidance from installation to integration.
Plugin Integration Service
We provide a seamless and efficient plugin integration service. We enable the integration of many third-party add-ons, payment gateways, extensions, or applications.
Plugin Configuration
We install and configure WordPress plugins as per your WordPress site's aesthetics and requirements. We gaurnteed of 100% satisfaction to our clients through our affordable services.
Plugin Upgradation
Whether it is about upgrading a plugin without compatibility issues or making an existing plugin compatible with the upcoming version of WordPress, we excel at everything.
Plugin Maintenance Support
We also provide consistent support and maintenance to keep your plugins running all the time seamlessly without any error. We provide timely maintenance & support for your custom plugin.
Backward Compatibility
We follow the most recent PHP advances and WordPress norms, which guarantees full in reverse Compatibility as your platform develops in time.

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