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Properly managed content, good design and colors, everything looking perfect on any screen size, and so on. When you redesign with us, we not only change the way your website looks, but we make sure it’s up to date with the changing internet trends. Before we finalize a website redesign project, we review your website and provide you a detailed report to tell you what is the scope of improvement in your website. We have a detailed set of Website Review Criteria that we follow to analyse your website’s performance. Based on our results, we provide you our proposal with a very reasonable price quote.


Website redesign questions you need to ask yourself

  • Is my website easy to navigate?
  • Are my visitors able to find information easily?
  • Are my current visitors converting into sales?
  • Have competitors recently updated their site?
  • Is my content informative and correct?
  • Does my website represent my business well?
  • Are my visitors being tracked and analyzed?
  • Does my website look good on mobile devices?

We design websites that grow businesses

Given 10 minutes to consume content, 80 percent of people would prefer read something beautifully designed than plain text. Visual effects have proven to attract people more than just some random text, same is true with the websites. People are visually drawn to sites, so it is very important that you invest in the design of your website. And if your website lacks visual appeal or usability features, you may want to consider website redesign services.

We at Dharmishi offer lots of redesign possibilities so you can transform your current website into an effective addition to your business.

Redesigning with Dharmishi means getting much more than just a new look for your website!

Meet with the Technology
We make sure that your website is made with the latest used tools and changing technologies currently available on the internet.
Reflect Business Growth
The growth of your business should be reflected on your website and this can be done by improving the quality of your website and adding new content.
Social Media Integration
We make sure your business is on the social media and the profiles are properly linked to your website so that you are never left behind anywhere.
Search Engine Optimized
We make sure that your website follows all the Google Recommendations and is SEO optimized to make sure that nothing comes in between you and the crawlers.
Ease of Access and Use
We make sure your website is easy to access and navigate by adding extra features like easy to navigate menu, breadcrumbs, footer menu. Etc.
Rank Improvement
We provide quality Search Engine Optimization services, and we implement our knowledge in every project, even if the client does not asks for it.

The longer you wait to take action, the more you fall behind.

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