Besides being a guide, Sitemaps also serve the secondary function...

It gives search engine crawlers an easy way to find you. A sitemap is a page on your website for your visitors that links to major areas of your website. This sitemap is usually different from sitemap.xml which is for Search Engines. This sitemap helps your visitors explore your website easily. Often a sitemap looks like an outline with text based links to make it easy and user-friendly. It does not necessarily point to every page of your website, but you can have as many as you want.

Site maps are made for visitors (people), but they also serve the secondary function of giving search engine crawlers an easy way to find the pages of your site. Sometimes a webmaster might make the mistake of putting each and every page on their site map just to "please" the search engine crawler.

Our sitemap creation service lets you hire us to analyse your website thoroughly, crawl it to all the depths and create a user-friendly sitemap for your website. We will create sitemap.xml for the search engines and sitemap for your visitors.

Check out our sitemap and sitemap.xml as an example.

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