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The Adobe PhoneGap framework is an open source distribution of Cordova. The advent of the smartphone era brought with it numerous opportunities for innovation and businesses saw a great advantage in getting on board with this trend. Building applications for different technology platforms like Android, iPhone and Windows gives your business a “future ready” solution. Whether you are using a mobile app for a business process, or for marketing or for customer service purposes, PhoneGap Application development services could be your one step solution to target all platforms!


Benefits of choosing Ionic Framework

  • Use of existing technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript along with the advantage of access to the mobile devices core components so that the app works as a native app even though it can be built with pure web scripts like HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • It has the PhoneGap AIR simulator that makes testing easy.
  • Fosters speed in development as it is built with familiar HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Using latest scripting languages like AngularJS & node.js
  • Application developed by PhoneGap supports Geo Locations and Vibrations. Also, they can support photos, contact, accelerometer, offline storage etc.
  • It allows you to create apps that are cross platform compatible, and you do not require separate apps for different mobile platforms like androids, iOS and Windows phones.

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