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Catalogues are an important markerting tool for any business. Catalogues are great when a single or double sheet of brochure is not enough to hold all the imformation you want to share with your target audience. It gives you more space to explain your products and services, tell your customers how you are different from others, share your achievements and events, and lots more.


Catalogues need to be easy to navigate. Visually, they need to be easily digested. The copy has to be crystal clear. Great catalogue design is about striking a balance between clarity and aesthetics - the more information your catalogue has, the clearer it has to be.

The interplay of space, typography and image is crucial for effective catalogue design. At the same time as organising a mass of information into a logical and intuitive-to-use manual, good catalogue design will inject visual creativity. Your catalogue should boast a unique look that sings with your corporate identity, helping you have a clear edge over your competitors.

Based in Kanpur, Dharmishi Technologies has experienced in-house designers in our dedicated studio. As well as offering creative graphic design solutions, we work closely with our clients to understand who you are, the products you are selling, the message you want to project, and the key facts you want to highlight. Our visual creativity works in tandem with our logical, clean approach to catalogue layout to ensure a clear hierarchy of information.

At Dharmishi Technologies our catalogue design service can help emphasise products highlighting their features and benefits. Whether you are looking to launch a new catalogue, or you want to give your current catalogue a much-needed boost, Dharmishi Technologies can help. We work hard to make sure your catalogue works harder for you. So that your readers are swimming with, not against, the tide.

Our design team will create a catalogue that is fresh, easy to use, and accessible. Turn to our leading design specialists - it could be the most profitable move you make.

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