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The story...

Davina Ray is a Health Coach from India and she came to us with a website requirement for herself. She wanted to call it Vitality Wellness and had secured the domain vitalitywellnessnow.com already. She gave us a set of text content and some stock images that she had prepared while planning her website in the past few weeks. So basically, we had everything we needed in front of us which was to put online in a nice, presentable way.

She wanted the website to be easy to use and navigate and wanted herself to edit the content whenever she wanted. We chose WordPress for the job and here's what we came up with...

Vitality Wellness Now Logo
Vitality Wellness Now Screenshot on Laptop
Vitality Wellness Now Screenshot on Laptop
Vitality Wellness Now Screenshot on Tablet
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I thank them for the patience with less technologically capable customers!

“I asked for a website design and they made a beautiful website with everything I needed smoothly and efficiently. I appreciated that they were in touch with me and answered any questions or difficulties I had in a timely manner. Most of all, I would like to thank them for the patience they showed with less technologically capable customers!! I would like to use their services for all my online needs in future.”

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