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The story...

In last 7 years, we have started, launched, redesigned and again redesigned the website for Global Paint for Charity. Before we look into the website, let us tell you what Rony thinks of us...


In the end of 2016, Rony and his team wanted to give a full makeover to the Global Paints website and wanted to launch it in the new year 2017. This time the task was bigger as the updates required made us build the whole website from scratch. Rony helped us throughout the process by providing us detailed instructions for update on each page and we also integrated a WordPress blog in to the website.

Website Screenshot
Website Screenshot


In November 2014, we offered a redesign to the website with a latest, modern, clean and responsive look with enhanced features using PHP and MySQL. Rony gave us this opportunity again with all his heart and in a month's time, we completely changed his website. We used latest technologies to make sure the website is always updated with new features.


In March 2012, Rony Delgarde, founder of Global Paint for Charity approached us with a redesign to his NGO's website. The website was made by a group of school students and required improvements. The topic was new to us, but we took it, explored it and created a much improved and good looking website for the organization. ASP.NET was used that time to create the website.

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I would hire them again in a heartbeat!

“Dharmishi Technologies was of great assistance in launching the Global Paint for Charity website. They are smart, hard-working, generous, dedicated, and very creative. They were a pleasure to work with, and genuinely interested in the work they were doing.

I would hire them again in a heartbeat! They were a key ally in building our website www.globalpaints.org. Their drive and persistence was admirable within our needs as they were always willing to go above and beyond helping. I recommend them because they possess a "CAN DO" attitude and has been a delight to work on many GPC projects including its banners, brochures, and business cards.

They are the type of talent that any company would benefit from these services.”

Mar 07, 2014
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