We have designed a number of websites for charitable organizations and NGOs. Starting a charitable organization is easy, but getting more followers can be achieved using a website. Your website lets you spread your message, you mission and objectives to a large number of people, through out the world. It lets you reach the entire world.

Dharmishi Technologies provides features like secure donation collection, easy to update photo gallery, event management and other features that you might need for a website for a charitable organization.

We also provide WordPress based solutions so that you can easily manage your website content without any knowledge of coding or website development. Using the WordPress dashboard, you can very easily update the content, add new content and delete anything you want from the website. You can also add any number of pages to your website without any extra costs.

We use responsive web design built on the latest Bootstrap 4 framework as standard for all our projects. With a mobile ready website, you can make sure that you are able to attract every visitor popping to your website from any device. Let it be a desktop to a large Full HD display, a laptop, a tablet device or a mobile device. We make your website look good on each and every device with a screen. Our experienced team even test each website on old fashioned mobile devices with small screens which are able to load a website.

Call us now at 9140433984 or 9970015054 to know more about how we can help your organization to grow big. We will also guide you on how to make it popular on Social Media and promote it. You can also send us an email at [email protected] and we would love to reply your with a free quotation based on your requirements.

We are always eager to help and excited to reply to your enquirers. So grab your phone now and give us a call.

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