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Boost your career with a must-have skill set

Web design & development industry is relatively young and extremely fast paced that you need to keep up with. With custom designed courses based on industry requirements and our experience, we teach you what you really need to know. We offer you to work on our LIVE projects and be a part of our team during your training. We will tell you what you need to learn, provide useful resources, assign you practical projects and introduce you to industry standards.

Our Courses

Web Designer

₹3,500.00/mo | 2 months course

Learn how to create beautiful looking, responsive static websites using the powerful combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

HTML CSS Media Queries Bootstrap

PHP Developer

₹5,000.00/mo | 3 months course

Learn how to build web based applications, management portals, user registration websites, etc. using PHP & MySQL.


CodeIgniter Developer

₹7,000.00/mo | 3 months course

Learn how to create full-featured web applications using PHP CodeIgniter Framework.

Website Design PHP MySQL CodeIgniter
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