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How to Post Contact Form 7 data to any API with Simple API integration

Hard to use Contact form 7 rest API? Let’s Understand API integration

Are you trying to use Contact form 7 rest api? I will show you the process to send (GET or POST) form data to remote API’s (with API integration) such as Active Campaign, Zapier, Sockets and other remote API’s using POST/GET. For this, you just require Contact Form 7 version 4.2.0 or later. It is supporting XML and JSON too.

Install the required plugin

First, you will have to install the required plugin. The plugin is not available in the WordPress repository. You can download the free plugin from this link:

Download Contact form 7 TO API Plugin

Contact form 7 TO API is an open source software and free to use.

Contact form 7 TO API can be installed by following these steps:

How to use Contact Form 7 to API Plugin?

1. Chose the form on which you want to use with API Integration

Simple API Integration

2. Type the URL of your API request and select the request type (Post/Get)

Simple API Integration

3. Map your form fields as required and save your changes

4. Now open the page where your contact form is showing and test it by filling in with correct information

5. Submit the form and your API request should be successful. You will receive a success message

6. Check the record in the connected application (API URL) for success

By this procedure, you can easily connect your contact form 7 data to almost any API. I have successfully tested this process with Active Campaign API, Zapier's ZAP connection, Sockets Connection using POST method. Our client wants to send his website contact form data to Active Campaign API automation. By this type of remote systems, you can save your precious time and money. This is simplest way to use Contact form 7 rest api via this plugin.

So start using this simple API Integration and enjoy the automation for free. You can comment here for any further clarifications or help.

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