John and Christie Di Lemme, one of our favorite clients sent us some gifts from Florida. They are with s since the very beginning of Dharmishi Technologies. They have helped and motivated us a lot to grow. We have designed and developed hundreds of different websites and graphics for web and print.

Dharmishi technologies have been maintaining the websites owned by Di Lemme Development Group, Inc. since 2012, which includes websites of all nature. Simple static websites with single pages, WordPress Blogs, Web Applications with Database Management, and more.

Since 2012, we have also designed a number of graphics for them. Graphics include Book covers, CD covers, graphics for websites, Social media promotions and many more.

Faith Stands and Fear Runs

Faith Stands and Fear Runs is one of the Ecommerce website that we built for Di Lemme Development Group, Inc. The slogan was developed by John Di Lemme, an international speaker, as a foundation slogan of his life and his company. The simple words are powerful and gives a life changing lesson. The website that we built sell some merchandise like apparel, cap, bags, office stationery and accessories with the famous slogan on them. And what could be better gifts from Florida other that some of those.

The Gifts from Florida

On February 29, 2016, we received a package from Florida with some surprises for us.  John and Christie sent us some gifts from Florida including Faith Stands merchandise like Tshirts, silicone bracelets, sports bags, pens, sticky notes and a few more things.

They also included the best-selling book written by John Di Lemme titled The Top *10* Highly Profitable, Proven, Time-Tested Secrets to Create the Ultimate First and Last Impression with Your Clients  and CDs of some of the best teachings from John Di Lemme. The book and the CDs can be purchased from the Success Super Store website built by Dharmishi Technologies.

Received some gifts from Florida

Gifts from Florida Gifts from Florida

From a lot of things, one very important thing we learned from John Di Lemme is that real reviews from real people can speak for your business more than anything else. And the best part of the package we received from him was that it had a hand-written note from John Di Lemme. Receiving and reading this note felt like an achievement for us. A personal hand-written note clearly speaks that you have delivered a satisfying experience. The note read as follows:

Ankit & Antra have been part of our team for several years now, and they are very important to our business. Their work is excellent and they always go above and beyond our expectations. We would recommend this dynamic duo to anyone!

– John & Christie Di Lemme

We thank John and Christie a lot for trust in us and sending us these awesome gifts. We also thank them for being a part of our journey and having us in their team for so long. Though in all these years, we did not get a chance to meet, but they place a very important role in our lives.

The Faith Stands and Fear Runs merchandise can be purchased from the official website developed by Dharmishi Technologies.

To read the other testimonial that John wrote for us a couple of years earlier, click here.

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