What is an Active Campaign?

Active Campaign is an online service that will let you easily embed opt-in/contact/subscription forms onto your website, as well as set up website tracking for advanced growth potential.

Install the WordPress plugin

1. Log into your WordPress admin dashboard.

2. Search Plugins in the sidebar. and Click “Plugins” 

3. Now Click on “Add New.”

4. List of plugins will load. Now Type “Active Campaign” into the search box.

5. Look for the plugin with the name “Active Campaign by Active Campaign.” And Click on the “Install Now” button.

6. Now Click on “Activate.”


7. You can access the plugin’s settings from  “Settings” in the Dashboard sidebar.

Settings: Now it’s time to Configure WordPress plugin settings

After the installation, you’ll need to configure this plugin setting by providing your Active Campaign API URL & Secure Key, With selecting which forms you want to use on your WordPress site.

You can open a new tab and login to your Active Campaign account.

In the below steps, we’ll show you how you can access your Active Campaign API, So you can add this to WordPress.

1. Go to  Active Campaign account, click “Settings” look in the lower left of the page.

2. Now Click on “Developer” in the left-hand sidebar of the page.

3. In the API Access section, you can get your API URL and secret key.

Get your API URL by clicking it and pressing Control + C.

4. Now Click on the “Connect” button in your WP site.

5. Select the forms to insert them into your WP posts and pages.

6. Now, click on “Update Settings”.

Site tracking: Enable site tracking on your website

  1. Option 1: Track by default
    This will track website page visits with IP for all contacts.
  2. Option 2: Don’t track by default
    This will include website page tracking ability but requires contacts to confirm tracking consent.

You can enable site tracking via the toggle button. Click on Enable Site Tracking toggle button to its “On” position. Now select the preferred site tracking option 1 or 2.

Now, click “Update Settings.”

Display forms: Insert forms into your pages or posts

The types of forms you can use:

  1. Inline forms or,
  2. Floating box forms or,
  3. Modal pop up forms or,
  4. Floating bar forms

Forms like the floating boxes, modal, and floating bar forms are available with Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans only.

In edit a page or post, you will see the ActiveCampaign button in the toolbar:

Click the ActiveCampaign logo. A popup modal window will appear listing the forms you’ve created. Select the name of the form you want to insert.

Now a shortcode will be shown. This shortcode will be replaced with your selected ActiveCampaign form.


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