How to add a form in WordPress using Contact Form 7


Do you know how to assimilate contact form in WordPress? If Yes then it’s great but if no then you are soon going to know it from here. Displaying a contact form on your WordPress website boost visitors to your site. There are many plugins which you may use for WordPress that allow you to add a form to your website’s pages, Contact Form 7 is one of them which makes your task simple.

Login to your WordPress Dashboard

Login to the WordPress Dashboard using the /wp-admin link of your website. Enter the admin email address/username and password and press the login button.

Install the Contact Form 7 Plugin

You will see the Plugins tab in the sidebar. Navigate to Plugins and click on “Add New”. Search for “Contact Form 7”. If you have the zip file downloaded on your computer, you can use the “Upload” button. Click on “Install” to add the Contact Form 7 plugin to your WordPress website.

Activate the Contact Form 7 Plugin

After the installation is complete, click on “Active” to activate the Contact Form 7 plugin in your WordPress website.

Create a Contact Form

After the plugin has been activated successfuly, lets now create a form using the Contact Form 7 plugin. Click on “Contact” from the sidebar in your WordPress Dashboard. Contact Form 7 comes preconfigured with default form. If you want to use the default form simply copy the code from the top of the form. You can change where the email is to be sent by changing the email address under the “Mail” section in the “To:” heading.


Create a Contact Us Page

After you have created and configured the contact form successfully, create a contact us page where you want to show that form. To create a page, go to pages and create a new page. In the text section of the page, paste the code copied from Contact Form 7 plugin page and then Publish the page.


Check your Contact Us Page

After the page has been published, click on View page to check the page. Add a test entry and submit the form. You should receive the email with the submitted information. If not, check everything again. For any help, feel free to contact us.


What else can be done using Contact Form 7 Plugin?

The above method simply sends the submitted information to your email address. If you want to use this information and send it somewhere else using an API, read our tutorial on How to Post Contact Form 7 data to any API with Simple API Integration.

Also read How to Connect WordPress with Active Campaign.

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